10 SEO Courses You Could Pursue in 2024

In today’s fast-paced digitally inclined world the value of SEO training cannot be overstated. 

As businesses continue to thrive online it is extremely important to understand the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which has now become a cornerstone for success in the field of Digital Marketing. So if you’re someone interested in learning about SEO to help you grow your business then this blog can be your ultimate guide. 

This blog will provide you with an overview that aims to shed light on why investing in seo certification courses is more crucial than ever for staying competitive in the growing digital realm. We will also cover the top 10 SEO training courses, and the important aspects of the SEO course syllabus and even provide you with a list of free and paid SEO course options.  In fact, towards the end of this blog, you will clearly understand why these courses are essential in guiding the busy world of online visibility and search engine rankings.

So let’s get started!

Top 10 SEO certification courses for 2024 

Let’s start this section with a review of the best paid SEO certification courses:

Top 5 Paid SEO Certifications:

  1. IMS Proschool

    • Course Name: Digital marketing course by IMS Proschool
    • Course Background:  
      • IMS Proschool stands out as a top digital marketing institute in India known for its special way of teaching. 
      • Instead of just teaching digital marketing tools and techniques, this institute focuses a lot on making sure students understand the basics of SEO marketing. 
      • This unique method ensures that learners not only become skilled at using tools but also have a strong foundation to tackle marketing challenges successfully.
      • The course consists of three modules where each covering various aspects of digital marketing. These modules include Website and SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Performance Marketing.
    • USP:
      • IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course ensures you are job-ready in just 3 months period and they accordingly provide you with all the essential skills needed for your first digital marketing job. 
      • Their course covers everything from SEO to Performance Marketing and offers complete training taught by some of the best agency experts in India. 
      • Not only does it prepare you for running campaigns, but it also guarantees a starting salary of 4-6 LPA if you’re seeking employment. 
      • With new batches starting every 30 days, students can benefit from 7+ hours of training led by experienced faculty each week. 
      • IMS Proschool ensures you are well-prepared and capable in digital marketing by providing both valuable skills and employment opportunities.
    • Fees: Depends on mode of learning – online & offline
    • Placement: Yes
    • Location: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi
  1. Udemy

    • Course Name: Ultimate SEO Training by Udemy
    • Course  Background:
      • It is an expertly formulated course instructed by Joshua George, the visionary behind ClickSlice, a renowned SEO agency in the UK so the students will receive practical guidance to improve their Google ranking, covering fundamental topics such as keyword research, mastery of technical SEO intricacies, and more.
      • Throughout the course, the students will gain knowledge in various aspects of SEO like optimizing the structure of their websites to achieve a prominent position on page 1, pinpointing the most advantageous keywords for targeted website enhancement, understanding the key role of content in the domain of SEO, scrutinizing competitor targeting strategies for strategic insights, brainstorming a plethora of content ideas for engaging blog posts and dominating the art of establishing impactful and efficient backlinks.
    • USP:
      • Offered on Udemy by ClickSlice, the course, instructed by Joshua George, caters to beginners with a workload of 7-8 hours. 
      • With an impressive enrollment of 43,000 students and a rating of 4.7 (based on 8,700 ratings), students can obtain a paid certificate upon completion.
    • Fees: Chcek while registering 
    • Placement Service: No

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  1. Clickminded

    • Course Name: Search Engine Optimization course by Clickminded
    • Course Background
      • This course is thoughtfully designed for learners at any skill level and aims to improve one’s SEO proficiency. 
      • Tommy simplifies intricate concepts, introducing participants to top industry tools and actionable strategies for their businesses.
      • Tommy Griffith, an experienced SEO specialist with a background working for PayPal and Airbnb, is the instructor for the Search Engine Optimization course. 
      • From learning the basics of SEO to studying On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO this course guarantees that individuals are well-prepared to prepare and implement an effective SEO plan. 
    • USP
      • What distinguishes this course is its focus on creating a personalized SEO framework and fostering sustainable traffic growth without unnecessary complications.
      • The course incorporates quizzes for self-assessment, readings for further understanding, and hands-on challenges to strengthen learning. 
      • It is offered by ClickMinded which is a comprehensive training that is suitable for all levels of learners. It has a manageable workload of 5-6 hours and students can obtain a paid certificate upon completion.
    • Fees: Check while registering 
    • Placement Service: No

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  1. Freelancers Academy 

    • Course Name:  Digital marketing course by Freelancers Academy
    • Course Background:  
      • Freelancers Academy is led by respected experts who have collaborated with influential global brands and offer ample training in SEO and other digital marketing aspects. 
      • The academy ensures hands-on experience through assured internships and placements with leading digital marketing firms across India. 
      • The Digifine Advanced Digital Marketing Course, within their curriculum, covers essential modules such as Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Content Marketing/Ad Scripting, WhatsApp Marketing, Landing Page Technique, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Brand Management, and E-commerce Management. 
      • The course is designed to provide a holistic understanding and practical skills necessary for success in the dynamic field of digital marketing.
    • USP:
      • The blog section of Digital Scholar acts as a valuable resource in providing insights into diverse Digital Marketing topics. 
      • Their instructors who are highly skilled and experienced carefully offer valuable tips for students, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce.
      • They offer practical, hands-on training with a strong emphasis on real-world application. The training includes extensive modules to ensure comprehensive learning.
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Placement: Yes
    • Location: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, etc.

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  1. EduPristine

    • Course Name: Digital Marketing course by EduPristine
    • Course Background:  
      • EduPristine delivers SEO training along with a focus on real-life case studies and core topics of Digital Marketing. 
      • The distinguished faculty at EduPristine imparts valuable insights and practical knowledge to students and empowers them to excel in the active digital marketing landscape. 
      • The commitment to excellence has established EduPristine as a trusted educational platform that attracts individuals seeking to enhance their digital marketing expertise and venture out on successful careers in the field.
    • USP:
      • They provide SEO training and also include soft skill training in their teaching pedagogy.
      • They ensure a blanched approach to skill development. 
      • The program also includes mock tests for pre-exam evaluation, allowing participants to assess their readiness. 
      • The best part is that there are dedicated 24*7 discussion forums for ongoing support and collaborative learning.
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Placement: Yes
    • Location: New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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Next stage is a review of the best SEO certification courses available free of cost.

Top 5 Free SEO Certifications:

  1. Semrush

    • Course Name: Crafting a winning SEO strategy by Semrush
    • Course Background: 
      • This course is designed for SEO professionals operating within a company. 
      • “Crafting a Winning SEO Strategy” guides you through developing and executing a thorough SEO strategy customized to meet your organization’s unique requirements and objectives. 
      • The course also covers obtaining support from top management and effectively communicating the value of your SEO strategy to them.
    • USP: They’ve incorporated a short quiz after each module and upon completing the quizzes students will be prompted to take a final exam. 
    • Certification Validity: Semrush Academy certifications have an expiration date. Each certification remains valid for one year from the date of completion.

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  1. Google SEO Fundamentals by UC Davis

    • Course Name:  Google SEO Fundamentals
    • Course Background: 
      • Google SEO Fundamentals is a component of an SEO Specialization series crafted by the University of California, Davis, and facilitated through Coursera.
      • The course is divided into four modules, requiring approximately 29 hours for completion, and upon successfully finishing the final exam, a certification is provided. 
    • USP: All their modules are comprised of a short video tutorial for easy comprehension and are followed by brief quizzes to assess the understanding of the students.
    • Certification Validity: Check while enrolling 

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  1. Hubspot

    • Course Name: SEO Certification Course by HubSpot
    • Course Background: 
      • The SEO Certification Course is provided by HubSpot which is a renowned company recognized for its inbound marketing and sales software. 
      • Their video course spans nearly four hours and delivers fundamental SEO insights through six lessons, 25 videos, and five quizzes. 
    • USP
      • The well-explained videos dive into various topics including on-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, link building, optimization for rich snippets, and SEO reporting.
      • HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Course is specifically designed for beginners seeking to explore inbound methodologies and strategies.
    • Certification Validity: 25 months

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  1. Simplilearn

    • Course Name: Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program 
    • Course Background:
      • The Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program comprises 36 hours of self-paced videos, comprehensively addressing the essentials crucial for SEO novices. 
      • The program encompasses topics such as keyword research, competitive intelligence, website planning, and insights on initiating a career in SEO.
    • USP:
      • Simplilearn stands out as a top free certification training provider that boasts a catalog of over 400 courses spanning diverse domains. 
      • Through their SkillUp platform, they provide complimentary courses to assist beginners in establishing robust foundational skills for career advancement in SEO.
    • Certification Validity:  Check while enrolling 

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  1. Ahrefs

    • Course Name: SEO course by Ahrefs
    • Course Background:
      • This course forms part of Ahrefs’ Academy Collection where they’ve arefully selected videos from their YouTube channelto  provide a comprehensive learning experience to students. Learners can find content to enhance their skills, while official courses are still in development.
      • This course is tailored for: Individuals aiming to initiate a career in digital marketing, Small business proprietors seeking to enhance their online business promotion, Bloggers aspiring to augment their website traffic and engagement.
      • You can view the course tutorials to acquire the essential digital marketing skills crucial for success in online marketing endeavors.
    • USP
      • No prior knowledge of SEO is necessary but of course, having a basic understanding of SEO and WebDev can be advantageous. 
      • Semrush Academy extends its offerings with more SEO certification courses and each of them is accompanied by a free certificate.
      •  These include the Keyword Research Course with Greg Gifford, the On-Page and Technical SEO Course, and the Link Building Course. 
      • Well with Bastian Grimm as the instructor, this beginner-to-intermediate level course requires a manageable workload of 5 hours. 
    • Fees: Chcek while registering
    • Placement Service: No

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Criteria for Choosing the Right SEO Course

In this section, we will cover some crucial points that you must keep in mind when choosing an SEO training program. All these factors warrant careful consideration to ensure a valuable and effective learning experience. 

  • Reputation and Credibility of the Course Provider: 

    • Research and explore the reputation of the institution or platform offering the SEO training. 
    • Make sure to look for reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from previous students because a reputable course provider enhances the likelihood of receiving quality education.
  • Course Content, Syllabus, and Learning Outcomes:

    •  Make sure to evaluate the course content and syllabus to ensure they cover thorough and up-to-date SEO techniques based on industry demands and trends. 
    • Look for programs that offer a well-structured curriculum and address both fundamental and advanced SEO concepts. 
    • At the end of the day, clearly defined learning outcomes are crucial for understanding the knowledge and skills gained upon completion.

If you’re in search of a vast and strategically designed SEO course then make sure to explore the digital marketing course provided by IMS Proschool

    • This course covers essential aspects of Website & SEO where you’ll learn:
    • The fundamentals of website development
    • Various web development platforms
    • Techniques for ranking your website on Google and leveraging AI for online business enhancement
    • The crucial skill of analyzing your efforts to adapt and refine your SEO strategy.

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  • Industry-Relevant Instructors: 

    • Assess the expertise and experience of the instructors leading the SEO training program. 
    • Instructors with practical experience in the field and a solid understanding of industry trends can provide valuable insights and real-world applications.
    • You can even check out the digital marketing course offered by IMS Proschool as their professors include agency experts from top institutions like IIMS, IITs, and even MICA.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: 

    • Consider the flexibility and accessibility of the SEO training program. 
    • Look for options that accommodate various learning styles, whether through in-person classes, online courses, or a combination of both.
    •  Accessibility features, such as recorded lectures or downloadable materials, can be beneficial for ongoing reference.
  • Interactive and Practical Learning Opportunities: 

    • Opt for courses that incorporate practical exercises, case studies, and hands-on projects.
    •  These interactive elements improve the understanding and retention of topics and allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
    • Discussing the learning outcomes and learning opportunities, IMS Proschool’s Digital Marketing course ensures that you will be prepared for a job within a short span of 3 months with the opportunity to apply for hundreds of jobs meticulously curated by the program. 
    • The institute consistently identifies and verifies job opportunities aligned with the skills acquired by students. 
    • Moreover, joining esteemed companies in India becomes a plausible prospect, following in the footsteps of successful alumni who have secured positions in renowned organizations such as EY, Mahindra, Carwale, and more.
  • Support and Resources: 

    • Assess the level of support and additional resources provided because a good program offers access to forums, discussion groups, or mentoring, allowing students to seek guidance and connect with peers. 
    • Adequate resources, such as reading materials, tools, and software, contribute to a more enriching learning experience.
  • Cost and Value for Money: 

    • Try to compare the cost of the SEO training program with the value it offers. 
    • Consider the overall benefits, including the quality of instruction, course materials, and potential career advancement. Some programs may offer payment plans or financial aid options.

Well by thoroughly considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting an SEO training program and ensure that they receive high-quality education that aligns with their career goals and aspirations.


In conclusion, this blog makes it very clear that investing in SEO training is a strategic move that can greatly impact your career and business success. As we’ve analyzed the importance of selecting the right course in this blog you know by now that considering factors such as reputation, course content, and practical learning opportunities are a valuable asset in today’s digital world.

Now, the next step is yours. Take action and enroll in a course that aligns with your goals. Whether you prefer free or paid learning options, this blog has got you covered with a list of the top 10 SEO certification courses in various formats available in 2024. As a recommendation, check out IMS Proschool’s Digital Marketing course which is known for its top-notch faculty and a broad curriculum that can make you job-ready in just 3 months. Don’t overlook this chance to grow your skills and stay ahead in the world of SEO. 

The journey begins with your decision to invest in your education, so seize the moment and venture out on the path to SEO excellence!


  • Which is the best course to learn SEO?

This blog has already discussed the Top 15 SEO certification courses you could consider in 2024 but you may explore courses such as the IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course, Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce: Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Squarespace from Coursera Project Network, and Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress.

  • Can you learn SEO in 3 months?

The duration needed to grasp the SEO principles can differ for each individual.

 On average, it may take students anywhere from one to three months to familiarize themselves with the core principles. 

If you aim to comprehensively cover all SEO topics and become job-ready within three months then you must consider exploring the IMS Proschool digital marketing course.

  • Is the SEO job tough?

Learning SEO isn’t excessively difficult, but initiating the process can be enigmatic and overwhelming for beginners. 

The concepts may seem intricate, making it crucial to approach the learning journey with patience and a clear understanding that the intricacies may take time to solve.

  • Is the SEO job easy or hard?

Learning SEO isn’t naturally challenging, but it does require a significant investment of time, effort, and persistence.

 For beginners with little knowledge of search engines and their operations, the initial stages of learning SEO may be overwhelming, particularly if you’re venturing into self-guided learning. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to persist and continue your efforts to grasp the intricacies of SEO.

  • Can I learn SEO in 10 days?

Although you can gain an introduction to SEO within 10 days, becoming a master in SEO demands additional time and dedicated practice. This course will establish a strong foundation for further development.