10 Digital Marketing Courses In Bangalore - Fees, Location, Syllabus etc

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is more than just the pleasant weather it offers to the people in the city.  This place is also popular for its high-quality education and industry setup which attracts students and working professionals from various parts of the country.

Bangalore has a large number of IT companies that hire thousands of individuals annually and the city is witnessing the rapid emergence of new startups in the IT hub of India. This surge in IT activities has created a substantial demand for digital marketing professionals.

Given the close connection between digital marketing and the Information Technology industry, the need for skilled digital marketers in Bangalore is currently at an all-time high. The city offers numerous opportunities for individuals to excel in digital marketing careers. So if you’re keen on learning digital marketing in Bangalore but have concerns about the institutes and course structures then don’t worry as this blog aims to be your friendly guide in order to simplify choosing the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore and the best digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore

So, whether you’re contemplating a career shift or looking to enhance your skills, Bangalore has the perfect environment to give light to your digital marketing aspirations.

Top 10 Digital marketing courses in Bangalore 

  1. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool is a top digital marketing institute in Bangalore known for its special way of teaching students. So instead of just teaching digital marketing tools, they focus a lot on making sure students really understand the basics of marketing through real life projects and activities. This special way of teaching helps students not only be good with tools but also have a strong foundation to handle marketing problems.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by IMS Proschool
  • Course Overview:
    • The course has three parts and each covers different aspects of digital marketing. These include Website and SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Performance Marketing. 
    • The course also covers special topics unlike other institues like using AI to improve online businesses, learning how to handle social media crises, and effectively measuring progress using analytics.
  • USP: 
    • In just 3 months, IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course gets you job-ready by teaching  all the essential skills for digital marketing roles in the job market. 
    • They cover everything from SEO to Performance Marketing and successfully provide comprehensive training led by some of India’s top agency experts. 
    • The course not only prepares you for managing campaigns but also offers a starting salary of 4-6 LPA for job placements. 
    • With new batches starting every 30 days, students experience over 7 hours of weekly training guided by expert instructors.
  • Placement service: Yes, in fact, IMS Proschool offers excellent placement opportunities with well-known companies like JP Morgan, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Axis Bank, etc. The institute actively looks for and confirms job opportunities that align with the skills acquired by their students.
  • Fees: Contact the institute 
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Location: 24, Haudin Rd, Halasuru, Yellappa Chetty Layout, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
  1. Streamlyn Academy

More than just a renowned digital marketing institute providing courses in Bangalore, Streamlyn Academy stands as the exclusive institution in the city offering training in Programmatic Advertisement. Streamlyn Academy has amazing digital marketing courses and specialized Programmatic Advertisement Training to professionals, homemakers, and entrepreneurs in Bangalore.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by Streamlyn Academy
  • Course Overview: 
    • This course includes Google Analytics and Google Ads, offering insights into web analytics and effective online advertising strategies. 
    • Streamlyn Academy provides comprehensive digital marketing training, fostering a deep understanding of the field. 
  • USP: 
    • You’ll become an expert at running online campaigns for your business or workplace.
    • You will learn how to use tools and concepts to measure and monitor your campaigns, allowing you to make informed decisions based on data-driven results.
  • Placement service: Yes 
  • Fees: 
    • The Advanced Digital Marketing course spans six months and is priced at Rs. 71,499. 
    • The Progressive Digital Marketing program, with a duration of four months, is available at Rs. 51,499. 
    • For the Advanced Programmatic Advertising course, a two-month duration is offered at a fee of Rs. 70,799.
  • Duration: 2/4/6 months
  • Location: Koramangala 4th Block, Near Sony World Junction 80ft Road, 20th L Cross Rd, AVS Layout, Bengaluru

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  1. Online Marketing Institute and Training- OMiT

The Online Marketing Institute and Training (OMiT) was founded in 2015 and is all about teaching digital marketing and creating leading players in the field. Their training program covers both the theory and hands-on use of online marketing tools, including AI tools like Chat GPT and Bard AI by Google.

  • Course Name: Advanced Digital Marketing Course by OMiT
  • Course Overview:
    • The curriculum contains a comprehensive set of modules and topics designed to equip individuals with expertise in various aspects of digital marketing. 
    • The program includes 7 modules dedicated to WordPress SEO, another 7 modules focusing on Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and 4 modules covering Social Media strategies. 
    • There are 8 topics each for Mobile Marketing and Content Writing, providing a well-rounded understanding of these crucial aspects.
    • The curriculum also includes Online Reputation Management, and Video Marketing with 8 topics, and offers in-depth knowledge of both Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics.
  • USP: 
    • OMiT adopts a practical approach to digital marketing which is guided by the expertise of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field. 
    • The organization’s strong foundation ensures individuals’ growth towards a more rewarding career.
    • They offer a range of digital marketing courses and each is made with unique strategies to facilitate excellence in the digital marketing domain. 
  • Placement service: Yes, some companies include TCS, Amazon, etc.
  • Fees: Contact the institute 
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Location: No 4, 3rd Floor, 1st Main Rd, 4th Block, Block 2, 3rd Stage, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079

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  1. Chee-Ron’s

Chee-Ron’s is a digital marketing institute in Bngalore that supports imparting training to comprehend the fundamental essence of digital marketing and its swift implementation to yield results for businesses. Chee-Ron’s instructs students to prioritize and concentrate on goals and objectives and helps them in transforming into proficient industry experts and authorities in digital marketing field.

The efficacy and dedication of Chee-Ron’s are evident in numerous video testimonials, serving as a testament to the effectiveness of their faculty and team.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by Chee-Ron’s
  • Course Overview: In addition to a broad digital marketing course that addresses all facets of its components, Chee-Ron offers specialized courses covering various areas such as social media marketing, AdWords, Google AdSense training, Google certification training, web designing, and development, among other offerings.
  • USP: 
    • They offer Weekday, Weekend, Online, and Fast Track Sessions to students.
    • The program ensures guaranteed job interviews for both freshers and experienced professionals.
    •  By learning from their industry experts students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through real-time projects and internships. 
    • Remarkably, 92% of their trainees have affirmed that the course has significantly influenced their careers and business positively.
  • Placement service: Yes, they provide 100% placement assistance 
  • Fees: Contact the institute 
  • Duration: 2  months
  • Location: 10, 2nd Floor, Above Fed Bank, Outer Ring Rd, near Water Tank, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru

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  1. Freelancers Academy  

Freelancers Academy comprises respected experts who have collaborated with some of the most influential global brands and companies. The academy provides assured internships and placements with leading digital marketing firms and organizations across India. 

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by Freelancers Academy
  • Course Overview: The modules covered in the Digifine Advanced Digital Marketing Course are:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Google Ads
    • Content Marketing/Ad Scripting
    • WhatsApp Marketing
    • Landing Page Technique
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Brand Management
    • E-commerce Management
  • USP of this course: 
    • They provide rigours training with a focus on Practical knowledge
    • Extensive Modules
  • Placement service: Yes, they provide 100% placement assistance 
  • Fees: Check with the institute
  • Duration: Check with the institute
  • Location: No.806 Souravya, 4th Floor, 10th A Main Rd, Street, opposite IndiQube, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Bengaluru.

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  1. EduPristine

EduPristine stands out as a leading Digital Training Institute in Bngalore, providing a variety of courses with the Digital Marketing Course being one of the most distinguished. The program is designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience by offering maximum value to various groups of students. This includes newcomers, marketing and management professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce after a break.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by EduPristine
  • Course Overview:
    • This Digital Marketing course covers Web Analytics, SEO, PPC Marketing, Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook), Content and Mobile Marketing, Lead Management, Growth Hacking, Funnel Creation, and Optimization, and includes a Project Review. 
    • The curriculum emphasizes on Funnel Marketing and provides in-depth insights into key social media platforms.
  • USP: 
    • The faculty is highly supportive and makes sure to provide round-the-clock assistance for clearing doubts and addressing queries of students. 
    • EduPristine’s course is developed in collaboration with industry giants including Google and Microsoft.
  • Placement service: Yes
  • Fees: The fees for the course are 36,000 rupees for classroom training and 24,000 rupees for online training.
  • Duration: Live online sessions spanning 48 hours and classroom training covering 60 hours.
  • Location: Rainmakers Workspace, 213, 2nd Floor Ramanashree Arcade, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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  1. Growth School

Growth School stands out as a leading platform offering excellent training in various digital marketing modules. With the unique benefit of real-time training and live projects, they actively engage with students to enhance their analytical and creative skills in the field of digital marketing.

Moreover, Growth School is recognized as one of the premier institute as it imparts in-depth knowledge across different areas of digital marketingwhich is very crucial for building thriving businesses.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by Growth School
  • Course Overview: 
    • The curriculum contains basics of Digital Marketingand topics like SEO Fundamentals, mastering Social Media Marketing, understanding Marketing Automation, and culminating in a Capstone Project aimed at preparing for the job market.
    • Students are instructed in diverse tactics and techniques aimed at reducing acquisition costs and enhancing Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • USP: 
    • At Growth School, besides the general Digital Marketing Course, they offer specialized crash courses  in specific areas like SEO, Email Marketing, Growth hacking, Product marketing, etc at very affordable rates.
    • You can get over multiple certifications, with one-hour classes and few hours of hands-on practice.
    • They’re flexible with scheduling of classes offering classes on weekdays, weekends, and online.
  • Placement service: Yes, in companies like Swiggy, Microsoft, Canva, Google, Amazon, OYO,etc.
  • Fees:INR 90,000
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Location: HSR Layout In Road, Bangalore, 560102, India

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  1. Learn Digital Academy 

Learn Digital Academy stands out as a leading institute featuring a dedicated team of enthusiastic digital marketers within its faculty and staff. Their digital marketing course undergoes regular updates as per industry standards. This ensures the development of a pertinent course curriculum and empowerment of aspiring digital marketers to create successful careers in the digital marketing.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by Learn Digital Academy
  • Course Overview:
    • The course covers over 30 modules delivered through an extensive 129+ hours of training. 
    • Throughout the program, participants engage in practical learning by working on 10 live projects.
    • The curriculum contains a wide range of topics, starting with an introduction to digital marketing and progressing through website building, webinar marketing, SEO (both off-page and on-page), content marketing, and blogging
    • The course contains Google Ads/PPC, viral marketing, media buying, YouTube marketing, lead generation, reporting files, Canva, e-commerce store development, online reputation management (ORM), website audits, affiliate marketing, and live projects with a focus on local SEO. 
  • USP: 
    • They have a very holistic curriculum that ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, preparing them for real-world applications and challenges. 
    • Awarded as Digital Consultant and Creative Company of the Year in the past
  • Placement service: Yes, at companies like Phoenix Technologies, Capital Market, etc
  • Fees: INR 29,999 subject to change, confirm with the institute
  • Duration: 2 months/ 3 months
  • Location: Govindappa Building, 2nd Floor, 1st Main, 1st Cross, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru

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  1. National Institute of Digital Marketing

NIDM, the National Institute of Digital Marketing, is a trailblazing institution dedicated to shaping aspiring digital marketers into successful entrepreneurs. By utilizing updated and cutting-edge technologies, they ensure a top experience in live training and offer practical suggestions to enhance skill sets. NIDM prepares individuals to adeptly face the challenges of web marketing in a professional setting. 

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by NIDM
  • Course Overview:
    • They provide specialized training in Hybrid Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Web Design, and Development.
    • Students have access to an extensive library of 200+ ebooks and the opportunity to earn 10+ certifications.
  • USP: 
    • NIDM has established four branches within Bangalore, further expanding its reach and impact
    • The course covers both fundamental and advanced levels of learning within its curriculum.
    • Students gain hands-on experience through practical training, acquiring proficiency in over 50 tools. 
  • Placement service: Yes, the successful completion of the program ensures a 100% placement rate in leading MNC companies.
  • Fees: Contact the institute 
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Location: BTM 1st Stage, 9th B, C Ma, Outer Ring Rd, KEB Colony, 1st Stage, BTM 1st Stage, Bengaluru

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  1. DigiShine

Living by its name Digishine stands out as one of the premier digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore. They are rcognized for offering one of the best SEO training in the region, Digishine emphasizes the practical implementation of online strategies to enhance your hands-on understanding of various components within the area of digital marketing.

  • Course Name: Digital marketing course by DigiShine
  • Course Overview:
  • The course includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which focuses on enhancing online visibility, Social Media Marketing, which leverages social platforms for brand promotion, and Web Analytics, providing insights into online performance.
  •  Also includes Search Engine Algorithms, Keyword Research, and Alexa Rank which is the key to effective digital marketing strategies while mastering PPC Campaign Optimization ensures efficient paid advertising efforts
  • USP: 
    • They offer weekday and weekend batches according to your preference.
    • Experienced faculty
    • Placement service: Yes
    • Fees: INR 40,000 approx
    • Duration: 75 days
    • Location: 2nd Floor, 17th Cross Near Maruti Mandir, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru

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What should you consider before choosing a digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

  • Create a vision for yourself 

First things first, think about why you want to learn digital marketing. 

Once you have a clearer goal, you’ll be in a position to prioritize your needs. For example, if you’re handling social media for a company and want to level up then you must go for a social media marketing course. Similarly if you’re aiming for an understanding of digital marketing then consider a full postgraduate course or diploma.

You see, understanding your goal will help you choose the right course for you. If you’re still unsure then just start with one module to test the waters. You can always explore more modules later if you want to dive deeper into the world of digital marketing.

  • Check the Expertise of the Course Instructors

Digital marketing has various areas like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc and mastering each of these fields takes years of experience.

Let’s compare a social media marketer and a digital marketer. We believe a social media marketer can teach social media marketing better because they practice it every day.  While a digital marketer knows about social media marketing, it’s not like a professional social media marketer’s hands-on experience in that specific field.

  • So the main point here is that if you find a course where one trainer teaches all these diverse domains then maybe that’s a warning sign.
  • That’s why institutions like IMS Proschool are unique as different practicing professionals guide you through every module, ensuring you understand every aspect thoroughly.

So, when picking a digital marketing course, look for instructors with more experience in their specific fields. This ensures you grasp both the theory and practical knowledge needed for success in the field.

  • Focus on the Structure of the Course

After considering the type of instructors in the course, turn your attention to the course structure or the features it offers. Make sure the course you’re leaning toward checks these boxes:

    • Is practical learning emphasized?
    • Does it offer internships or job placement opportunities?
    • Will you have a mentor?
    • Are there any assessments conducted?

Digital marketing is an industry that thrives on practical experience, and hands-on learning is the most effective way to understand it. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly investigate the format of a digital marketing course before enrolling in one.

  • Is the course fee and schedule comfortable for you

Whether it’s about fitting into your schedule or staying within your budget, you need a course that aligns with how you work. So before you finalize a course just remember to view education as an investment, not just an expense.

    • When deciding on a course, see it as an investment in your future self. It enhances the skills you already have, and the benefits will come sooner than you think.
    • Next, choose a schedule that seamlessly fits into your daily life. 
    • If you’re a working professional, weekends might be the only time you can explore something new. 

So, look for an institute offering a weekend course tailored for working professionals. If you’re a student, consider getting your studies done during the week and leaving weekends for relaxation.

  • Take Reviews into Account Before Making a Decision

Before you make your ultimate decision, it’s crucial to consider reviews and testimonials from students who have already selected the institutes.

If you can, reach out to students from previous batches, as their insights can be incredibly helpful. They offer an authentic portrayal of the institute’s atmosphere and the courses they provide. This firsthand information provides a new perspective and helps clear up any doubts. To solidify your decision, speak with two or more students from the same academy. If you receive positive feedback, your task is complete, and the search for answers comes to an end.


This blog thoroughly covers the top 10 digital marketing courses and institutes in Bangalore, examining pricing, course structures, and placement prospects. It highlights the importance of exploring collaborations with local businesses for internships and hands-on experience. Engage in local events to expand your network and consider reviews from experienced marketers. Define your expectations for the course’s conclusion to guide your selection process, and enjoy the learning journey.

Additionally, look for case studies or examples tailored to the nuances of the Bangalore market. This collaborative approach is mirrored in IMS Proschool’s digital marketing program, where industry experts strive to relate lessons to specific geographical requirements and trends.


  • Which institute is considered the best for digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

Based on specific criteria, IMS Proschool stands out as the premier institute offering Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore. Renowned for its leadership in digital marketing training, the institute consistently updates its courses to align with the latest trends in the industry. 

  •  What is the cost of digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

The approximate fees for digital marketing courses in Bangalore range from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 6,00,000, depending on the institution and the course level chosen.

  • What qualifications are required to enroll in digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

Different digital marketing institutes in Bangalore may have varying admission requirements. Typically, a Class 12 certificate is sufficient for certification courses, while a graduation degree from a recognized college is generally preferred.

  • Which degree is recommended for pursuing digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

While there is no specific degree requirement for becoming a digital marketer, having a certification in Digital Marketing can significantly enhance one’s knowledge and skills, improving job prospects in the field.