10 Benefits Of Digital Marketing in 2024

Imagine a small business with aspirations of significant growth shortly.

However, due to using traditional marketing methods, their reach was limited to neighborhood bulletin boards and local newspaper ads. Fast forward to 2024, and digital marketing has become their game-changer. With targeted online ads, social media campaigns, and a sleek website, this business isn’t just local anymore; it’s global. 

The benefit? Well, they’re not just selling products but creating an online community, engaging with customers worldwide, and growing in ways they once thought were impossible.

That’s the power of Digital Marketing!

But, here’s the plot twist- Digital landscape is a perpetual chameleon. 

So staying ahead of your competitors and being aware of the latest trends and strategies is a necessity. 

That’s where this blog comes in, your guide for understanding the top 10 benefits of digital marketing in 2024 so that you can level up your business using it. We’re here to decode the trends, strategies, and insights that you need to know to thrive in the digital game.

1. Enhanced Online Visibility

Try to recall the last time you felt a bit lost while searching for something on the internet due to so many options.

Well, that’s where the first and most important digital marketing technique SEO comes in handy.

By tweaking your content and structure, SEO not only helps in getting your business seen on the internet but also makes sure that you’re seen by the right people at the right time. 

Now, let’s talk about social media. Billions of people are scrolling through their feeds daily, and guess what? Your business should be part of that fun. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your business should be the show’s star and digital marketing makes sure to make your brand the star of the scene.

Not convinced yet? Let me throw a success story your way.

Superdry, a UK clothing brand teamed up with Brandmovers India for a Twitter contest called “Superdry Tweet Fuel.” 

  1. People just had to follow Superdry India on Twitter
  2. Share where they’d go for a #SuperDrive with a Morgan 3-wheeler.

Best tweets got featured on a site, and prizes like Superdry gear and gift cards were up for grabs.

Can you guess the impact of this campaign?

  • The campaign blew up, hitting 1.5 million people, with 2,600+ tweets and 5.4 million impressions in just five days.
  •  Launch day alone brought in 1300+ tweets and 4.5 million+ impressions. 

This example clearly says that your audience is out there, just waiting to become your biggest fans.

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2. Increased Brand Awareness

You’re settling in for a TV binge with your favorite crunchy companion potato chips. 

Now, Lays, with its status as a snack royalty decided to add a bit of excitement to the mix.

See, most of us stick to our go-to chip flavor, right? But Lays had a mission to get us to step out of our snack comfort zone and savor the rainbow of flavors they offer.

They started putting smiles on chip packets, each grin representing a different flavor.

Lays then started a selfie contest and dared people to snap a selfie with the chip pack that sported the smile they vibed with. All of a sudden, friends began pulling each other into the Lays aisle, even those who weren’t typically fans of chips, just to join in the fun.

What happened next?

185 million impressions, 8.2 million engagements, and 75% of the influencer outreach achieved.

Moreover, the buzz around Lay’s skyrocketed with Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor joining as brand ambassadors, and the TVC launch fueled the excitement. With over 750 influencers on various online platforms, Lay’s targeted the youth, emphasizing the crucial role of social media platforms and influencers in effective brand promotion. 

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3. Targeted Audience Engagement

In the age of easy internet access, would it surprise you to know that the daily online user count continues to climb? 

Digital marketing takes center stage here:

It lets you talk directly to the folks who matter to you the most with strategies like personalized content and email marketing. 

Here’s how a personal touch can add value to your business:

  • Boost Open Rates: Industry data reveals that emails with personalized subject lines and personalised messages sent to people have the potential to outperform generic ones by over 20%.
  • Enhanced Engagement: It’s not just about getting likes and comments on your content; personalization significantly increases the chances of recipients reading your content and clicking through. Infact personalized emails show a remarkable 139% increase in click rates compared to one-size-fits-all static sends. 
  • Boost Revenue: Recent reports highlight that personalized content leads to 5.7 times more revenue compared to generic ones. 
  • Gathering Personal Data: To personalize effectively, you need the right data. Instead of just getting email addresses and phone numbers, try throwing in a few non-invasive questions to your audience like name, birthday, or location which can help you in the long run. 

Getting your message to the right audience is trickier than it sounds. That’s why being professionally trained to draw people to your website is vital. 

Professional institutions like IMS Proschool step in here. 

They offer 7 hours + of instructor-led training every week in their Digital marketing course and, in just 3 months make students a pro, all set for job opportunities.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

By now it’s clear that it’s not just about being seen; it’s about turning those clicks into customers. Well, problem solved as Digital marketing is your secret sauce for boosting conversion rates. 

The answer is A/B Testing and optimization.

Ever heard of A/B testing? It helps you test to see what works best and lets you optimize your content, ensuring it hits the sweet spot for your audience.

Were you aware that Sony’s A/B test  on their VAIO laptops’ ad banner resulted in a 6% increase in CTR? Check this out 

Even you can achieve such impressive conversion rates and master the tricks to do so. 


Learn directly from agency specialists with expertise from MICA, IITs, and IIMs, who share their knowledge in IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course where you can learn all social media marketing hacks including 

  • Identifying the platforms suitable for you     
  • Analyze & create shareable content
  • Analyze your progress effectively

So check out IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course right away!

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5. Cost-Effectiveness

In the world of marketing, the battle between traditional and digital methods is real.

Factor  Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing 
Engagement Rate  Relatively high  Low
Conversion rate  Extremely fast Slow
ROI Easy to measure  Not easy to measure 

Since digital marketing clearly surpasses traditional methods, it’s essential to recognize that an economical approach to boost website traffic is crucial. Let’s start by exploring why Pay-per-click advertising is highly favored.

  • Cost-effective
  • Targeted
  • Measurable
  • Customizable

Here are some strategies for maximizing ROI through budget allocation and data-driven decision-making:

  • Allocate your budget wisely and invest where it counts, focusing on channels and tactics that align with your goals.
  • Let the numbers guide you.
  • Identify top-performing strategies and channels. 
  • Test new strategies, learn from outcomes, and repeat the cycle for ongoing success.

Digital marketing for sure is cost effective but make sure to have a holistic view as it makes you aware of how each touchpoint contributes to the overall ROI.

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6. Real-Time Data Analysis

One of the significant advantages of Digital marketing is the ability to provide access to real-time data and analytics. Here’s how this process works 

  1. Website Analytics: Tools like Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics allow marketers to track website performance in real time. They provide insights into metrics such as page views, unique visitors, bounce rates, and more.
  2. Social Media Analytics: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide analytics tools that enable marketers to monitor engagement, reach, and user demographics in real-time.

In order to analyse and track real-time data, you must first understand the building blocks of digital marketing. Wondering what these are? 

It is the proper structure of website development and the art of using SEO 

Well, the Digital marketing course at IMS Proschool covers it all. 

  • It’s a comprehensive package that teaches you the fundamentals of website development
  • Enables you to analyze your efforts 
  • Adjust your SEO strategy and much more.

This course not only equips you to run your campaigns but also adds significant value to your resume in just 3 months.

The iterative nature of data-driven decision-making ensures that strategies are continually refined for maximum effectiveness in reaching target audiences.

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7. Improved Customer Loyalty and Trust

Now let’s explore how Digital marketing plays a crucial role in building and maintaining customer relationships and trust. 

  • Sharing useful information shows you know your stuff.
  • Personalized Communication
  • Staying in touch through emails and social platforms builds a community vibe.

This trust and loyalty can also be built through Social Media reviews and feedback-

  • Positive reviews make people trust you more.
  • Feedback = Improvement
  • Quick Responses
  • Be Honest

Therefore digital marketing helps you build customer loyalty and trust and fix any hiccups along the way.

8. Global Reach and Expansion

Digital marketing helps businesses establish a global online presence through targeted advertising and social media platforms: 

Here are some benefits of International SEO and multilingual content in reaching global audiences:

  • Broader Visibility: International SEO increases visibility in various countries.
  • Language Preferences: Multilingual content respects language preferences, enhancing communication.
  • Localized Keywords: Targets local audiences with region-specific keywords.

Nike is one of the best examples that utilized localized websites, multilingual content, and targeted advertising for a global presence. They created region-specific websites that resonated with the cultural nuances of each target market. This increased their conversion by aligning with the expectations of customers in different regions.

Ultimately, it’s about the precise ads and strategies you employ to disseminate your content. 

And not everyone is aware of the right techniques. 

However, the meticulously designed digital marketing course provided by IMS Proschool, available across 10+ centers throughout India, addresses all crucial aspects.

 It includes

  • Insights into Google and Facebook Ads
  • Determining the most effective bidding strategies
  • How brands monitor each other.
  • Types of keywords and their applications

 IMS Proschool’s Digital marketing course alumni are currently working in leading companies such as EY, Tech Mahindra, etc

9. Better Competitor Insights

Digital Marketing provides better insights to businesses that help them effectively monitor their competitors. This leads to-

  • Market Awareness
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk Management

Having the information is one thing, but its true value lies in utilizing it to formulate strategies for improvement.

  1. Assess competitors to refine your approach.
  2. Highlight your USP
  3. Responsive Adjustments
  4. Experiment with new channels or technologies.

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi leverages this benefit of digital marketing all the time by:

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Adapting Strategies

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10. Adaptability and Innovation

The significance of adaptability in digital marketing cannot be emphasized enough as it acts as a guiding compass for businesses through the twists and turns of industry trends and consumer behaviors. An adaptable approach ensures that marketing strategies align with the current preferences and expectations of the target audience.

Benefits of staying updated with emerging technologies such as AI, voice search, and AR/VR in digital marketing in 2024-

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Targeting
  • Innovation Potential
  • Future-Proofing

Adaptability will ensure that your strategies stay effective and up-to-date so adjusting to consumer behaviors and preferences is key.

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As we come towards the end of this blog it is clear that in this fast-paced landscape of 2024, embracing digital marketing is the lifeline that businesses need to thrive. The ten key benefits of digital marketing highlighted in this blog make it certain that Digital Marketing is a toolkit that not only propels your brand across borders but also fine-tunes your approach based on real-time insights. 

So if you haven’t dipped your toes into the digital marketing pool, now is the moment. However, entering into this ocean of possibilities can be intimidating. That’s where the guidance of experts and comprehensive digital marketing courses, such as the one offered at IMS Proschool, become invaluable. These resources guide you through the intricacies of digital marketing to unlock its full potential for your business. 

So, don’t just adapt; thrive in 2024 by making the most of what digital marketing has to offer.